Our Science lessons help to satisfy our student’s natural curiosity about the world around them and broaden their enquiring minds.

Science is a practical subject, with investigation and experimentation core parts of lessons. We want to kindle a sense of awe at the natural world in children and encourage them to develop a questioning mind.

What do students study in Science?

Year Topics Studied 
Year 6 & 7
Cycle A


Autumn: Introduction to science. Cells and organisation.

Spring: Habitats. Changes to our body (puberty).

Summer: Energy introduction. Motions and forces. 

Year 6 & 7
Cycle B

Autumn: Earth and atmosphere. Eco-systems.

Spring: Food chain. Reproduction.

Summer: Energy changes and transfers. Energy efficient homes.

Year 8 & 9Cycle A

Autumn: Periodic table. Microbes and disease.

Spring: Medicine. Waves and wind power.

Summer: Electricity. Light.

Year 8 & 9
Cycle B

Autumn: Periodic table. Chemical reactions.

Spring: Land to land produce. Photosynthesis.

Summer: Interaction and interdependencies. Properties of different states of matter.