Humanities are a range of subjects that primarily use critical or speculative approaches and include Geography, History and Religious Studies.

Geography helps our students understand the world around them; it includes climate, world affairs and both natural and man-made geography.

History looks to interesting stories and personalities of the past; it helps students to develop research, study, analysis and interpretation skills.

Religious Studies explores the impact of religions across the world; students are given the chance to develop tolerance through awareness and understanding of other cultures and faiths.

What do students study in Humanities?

Year Topics Studied 
Year 6 & 7
Cycle A


Autumn: How England was created. Stone age and early man. Invaders – 1066. The natural world and weather. The physical world – coastlines and changing world. Class beliefs – religion and me. Christianity.

Spring: Norman life. Medieval England. Extreme weather in UK and around the world. Christianity. Important religious books.

Summer: Tudors. Natural disasters, climate change and impact – Haiti, Australia bush fires, flooding in UK. Alternative world religions. Festivals. 

Year 6 & 7
Cycle B

Autumn: Local and national history. Pendle Witches. Gunpowder plot. Ecosystems – desert, rainforest. Islam. Human/Animal rights.

Spring: Great fire of London. The Plague. Arctic. The Galapagos. Religion and the law. Judaism.

Summer: Industrial revolution – Lancashire and the cotton industry. The birth of Blackpool. Urban jungle. Protecting eco systems and pollution. Hinduism. Happiness.

Year 8 & 9Cycle A

Autumn: A world at war – human impact on the world. Building an Empire – British empire, slavery and settlers. World War I. Sustainable world. Pollution (local and national studies. Christianity in depth belief and practices.

Spring: Nazi Germany. World War II. Glacier formation, shrinkage and impact. Urbanisation and impact on local environments. Buddhism. Prayer and meditation.

Summer: Holocaust, genocide and persecution. Post war hope – UN treaty, NATO and Brexit. Natural resources and alternatives (coal, solar). A carbon neutral world. Good vs Evil in religion. Sikhism.

Year 8 & 9
Cycle B

Autumn: Reform and radical change. Great reform acts and chartists. Luddites. A diverse world (continent study) – Africa, Europe. Islam in depth beliefs and practices.

Spring: Medicine in the 19th Century. Changes to education. North America. South America. Life after death – exploring different religious viewpoints.

Summer: Votes for all (suffragettes, black suffrage). Miners’ strike. Australia. Asia. Charity. Religion in the 21st Century.