We have a strong learning focus on literacy, so that our students can speak and write fluently to express their feelings and ideas, plus we work on their reading and listening skills so that others can successfully communicate with them.

Good communication skills enables our students to acquire new knowledge and develop as learners. Reading, in particular, enhances childrens’ cultural, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development.

What do students study in English?

Year  Topics Studied
Year 6 & 7
Cycle A

Autumn:Poetry. Children's Stories.

Spring:Novel and Creative writing - Groosham Grange

Summer: Drama and stagecraft - The Fight (Play). Non-fiction writing - argue and persuade.

Year 6 & 7Cycle B

Autumn: Non-fiction writing – reviews. Introduction to Shakespeare.

Spring: Novels and creative writing – Return to Groosham Grange.

Summer: Travel Writing. Poetry and Unseen poems.

Year 8 & 9
Cycle A

Autumn: Pre 19th Century novel – A Christmas Carol.

Spring: Non-fiction writing – speeches. Macbeth.

Summer: Macbeth. Poetry – in depth study of a group - conflict.

Year 8 & 9
Cycle B

Autumn: Social and historical context – Blood Brothers.

Spring: Romeo and Juliet. Non-fiction writing.

Summer: Creative writing – short stories. Comprehension (reading paper 2).

Key Stage 4 and Exam Specifications

Students will sit a formal qualification in English during Key Stage 4, the level of which will be based on their personal learning journey. Qualifications include Entry Level, Level 1, and GCSE.